At present time in India so many people are working in LED Lighting business because present time in India there are no any standard from BIS for LED Lighting Sector.
Many People are saying that good quality of product in 20 rupees, 30 rupees and bla bla you can provide me information how to provide a good quality of product in that cost. so many customer they can’t compare the quality in terms of Technical specification of product against price. The main aim of LED product is buy once and forget about them i.e. Life long.
The good quality of product having at least 1 or 2 years warranty and 50000 hours of LED Life span.

cropped-lightbulb-014.pngwhen you buy LED bulb firstly check all parameters.
So many company not showcase their proper technical specification basically Life of LED.
Adopting to LED light saves electricity, money and extra maintenance cost too.
This happens only when you switch to High-Quality LED Lighting products only. Find out which factors you should consider from Packaging Labels for getting best quality Led light products from Market.
You can easily find out best quality Led light products in the market, simply considering some important factors like power factor, light appearances, CRI, etc. available on packaging labels. Get informed about such key factors in details here, and select the best LED for the best result.

Factors to identify Best Quality LED lights-
1. Lumens Per Watt
2. Power Factor
3. CRI (Colour Rendering Index)
4. Colour temperature
5. Heat sink
6. Life of LED Chip

1. Lumens Per Watt(efficacy)
Best– 110 Lumens/watt
Very Good– 100 Lumens/watt (Eveready,RST )
Good– 90 Lumens/watt (Charlston)
Average-80 Lumens/Watt (Havells Adore, Bajaj)
Bad-70 Lumens/Watt (Syska SSK-LB)

2. Power Factor
Power factor is really a vital parameter to check quality of any electrical instrument. Power Factor is the effective ratio of real power (used power at load) to apparent power from your meter. Intelligent buyer is who not only check wattage of any LED Light but who also check power factor with wattage.

Let’s take a real example of 2 BHK Home. Total LED wattage for 2BHK Home is around 120-150 Watt. Lights with high lumens can luminate your room around 120 watt, but if you opted for quality LED Panel light then you need to go around 180-200 watt. Let’s assume general life of LED is 20,000 Hours. However there are LED Lights available in market that give more than 50,000 hours of life warranty.

In simple example, if 7watt LED light packaging label shows 0.7 power factor then it actually consume 10watt. In short, LED lights with power factor of 0.9 and above are high in quality.

3. CRI (Color Rendering Index)
Great– >90
Very Good– 80-90 (RST, Bajaj,Oreva)
Good– 70-80 (Syska)
Good– 60-70

4. Colour temperature
Warm white: 2700K-3500K (dusk time yellow light)
Neutral white: 4000K-4500K (bright sun light little yellow)
Cool white: 5000K-6500K (pure white, cool day light)

5. Heat sink
Don’t forget that for LEDs to last a long time, they need a heat sink. That’s why LED bulbs have metal fins that go down the side, making them look different than the classic Edison-style bulb. Heat sink dissolves any excess heat and maintains the LEDs at best operating temperature as well gives boost in terms of life to main LED chip.

6. Life of LED Chip
At this point, LEDs really score high as its life typically ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 hours. Therefore, LEDs are idyllic for use in areas where maintenance is difficult or long life is essential.
Best– 50,000 (RST, Syska- excluded bulb, charlston )
Very Good– 40000
Good– 40000-20000  (Bajaj, Surya, Havells, Eveready)
Average-20000-10000 (Syska-in Bulb, Oreva)

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