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Do other Systems Have This. . . ? No Similar Device is Available in the Market Hence It is a Unique Innovative Product.

Gravitational Energy based lighting and charging system for cooking, Study, Night work and during Disaster time. This is high efficient system which is operate without battery for rural area where does electricity not reach for basic purpose. To replace damaging & ubiquitous KEROSENE Lamps, then quickly realized the need to look beyond solar and battery power. It would pay for itself within a few months freeing people from fuel poverty and the increasing cost of Kerosene. Today some people live without light about 50% of total population of India and some student has great hobbies but their hobbies are not flourished due to lack of power in rural sector.

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Simple, Clean and Eco-Friendly Modern Design.

Bringing electricity to millions by 2030, the health, education, livelihoods and quality of life of many now living without access to electricity could be dramatically improved, if technologies such as Gravitational System could be made affordable and widely accessible. Durability, portability and flexibility will be essential characteristics for such technologies in order to enable their use in currently energy-poor settings.



With our increasing population and drive to bring better living standards to all- the most crucial enabler for India is energy. Each Indian must have access to safe, secure and affordable energy supplies- this is a fundamental right. It is a sad fact that even today approximately 400 million Indians do not have regular access to power. “However, this is not an in surmountable challenge. India is uniquely positioned among developing nations to leapfrog the technology divide and lead the change. As populations grow and with it the need for energy, we have the opportunity to lead the world on to road to truly sustainable, equitable development.”

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We are provides necessary frame work to the rural area for development of Country. Does Not Require Solar, Wind or fuel to start. Run it anytime, anywhere, without any things. Does not require additional purchases of fuel during an emergency, when gasoline in scarce. Can be operated indoors and outdoors without deadly fumes. Easy to operate, even children can safely operate no Shocking Problem. Easy to setup, No confusing mounting or home alterations needed. And start instantaneous. Access to better energy solutions.

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DiVYA-Power Now At Home

With plethora of user friendly features this emergency system turns out to be very useful for areas with frequent power cut limited exposure to sun light due to monsoon or bad weather, or places with cold climate and during disaster time. More than 50% of the population has little or no commercial energy access for their living and live hood others with access often have to cope with poor and erratic availability of electricity and other fuels.

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DiVYA -Power Now At Home 60-second Elevator Pitch Video. This product proves to be extremely useful in problematic situations like natural calamities & disaster where there is no option of power & connectivity. “Janha Hawa Nahi, Pani Nahi, Jivan Nahi, Aur Suraj Nahi Waha Hoga Prakash, Chamak Divya Ke Sath”.Powered by Economics Times and Organized by Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in India