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  • RST LED Strip Light



Adorn your rooms with a funky hue of colours while these strips are subtly tucked away in the corners or under your furniture. With a colour changing dial for a switch that adorns your wall, this is not just any decorative light but gadgetry that you will simply love! Perfect for: Accented lighting in homes, restaurants, bars and event venues.

  • RST Motion Sensor Lights



motion sensor technology, these lights stay dim when there is no movement and brighten fully when someone approaches! Now, that is Smart lighting and power saving for your home or office without having to go completely lights out! Perfect for: Open offices with cubicles, large warehouses, hotel corridors, emergency stairwells etc.

  • RST Night Lamp



Night lights with photosensors that give a soothing LED glow when motion is detected in the dark.Perfect for: Children's bedrooms, staircases, bathrooms, corridors etc.

  • RST Motion Sensor Tube Light


RST RF Motion Sensing Tube

It's ON when you need it, SAVES POWER when you don't... sensor detects car movement and turns lights to full brightness !Perfect for areas with high light load but random usage patterns such as Parking Lots- Public Toilets- Stairwells- Coeeidors- Perimeters and Boundary walls etc.

  • RST Downlighter


RST LED Down Lights

A recessed light or downlight (also pot light in Canadian English, sometimes can light (for canister light) in American English) is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. RST offering various type of Down Lights in varoius range! Perfect for Office, Conference Room, showrooms, Shopping Malls, Home, working Tables, Corridors & Gallery.

  • RST Panel Light


RST LED Panel Light

The clean and elegant design of PANEL provides a modern alternative to traditional fluorescent troffers,panel lights provide smooth and uniform light edge-to-edge for a clean, modern look. For use in drop ceilings or drywall! Perfect for Office building, retail, Super market,Pertol pump shed, show rooms etc.

  • RST Spot Light


RST Spot Lights

Chip on Board Ceiling & wall lights at Homebase in our range of great value lighting products. we are offering various range of spot light including multibox, dual spot light! Perfect for theatre, Cinema Hall, Stage Lighting, Automotive, Fuel Station Conference Room etc.

  • RST Street Light


RST LED Street Light

Street light basically used in garden, Hi-ways, Road for lighting purpose at night, Strong pressure Die cast aluminium alloy housing with toughened glass available in IP65 and IP66

  • RST Candle Lamp


RST LED candle Lights

Candle light bulbs help to compliment your furniture providing accent lighting in the right areas.Tinted bulbs alter the appearance of the light to create mood lighting. Candle shaped light bulbs still available in all caps and finishes.Perfect for home temple, decoration,

  • RST Zero Lamp


RST LED 0.5 Light

Multiple color options; Up to 90 percent energy saving;With a pure and elegant design consisting of direct plug pin, this light bulb is the perfect match for night lamp.

  • RST Security Lights


Security Alert Light

Armed with Smart Sensors and aesthetically designed, these lights sense motion to light up your driveway or garden path. A true hi technology gadget that acts as your watchdog and intruder alert! Perfect for: Boundary walls, driveways, porches and similar outdoor spaces.

  • RST Dual Panel Light


RST Dual Panel Light

Direct replacement for fluorescent lighting on heavy commercial and industrial machinery.The clear lens give a more intense light while the frosted lens diffuses the light to reduce shadow areas.Standard, Flush and P&H mounts are available for that integrates a power supply and junction box to conform to your projects need.

  • RST Flood Light


RST LED Flood Lights

Floodlights are broad-beamed , high-intensity artificial lights. They are often used to illuminate outdoor playing fields while an outdoor sports event is being held during low-light conditions.ance the sport.Perfect for Stage Light, Concerts, Play, Shootings, Stadium & Play Ground etc.

  • RST High Bay Light


RST LED Hi-Bay Light

The Bay Lights is a site-specific monumental light sculpture and art installation on the western span of the San Francisco´┐ŻOakland Bay Bridge.Perfect for Industial, mines, Shades & warehouses etc.

  • RST Solar Light


RST Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are raised light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels generally mounted on the lighting structure. The photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night. Perfect for Rural Area, Road, Hi-ways, Home, outdoor Parking Area, Bus or auto Stop & Garden etc.

  • RST Tube Light


RST LED Tubes Light

This is retofit type of LED Tubes fit in existing socket without replace betton. its available in T5 and T8 in 2 feet and 4 feet both.. At present, the industrialization of high power LED light pipe efficiency reached 100lm / W.From this perspective, led high power tube gradually to replace the traditional light source was only a matter of time. Perfect for Home, office, conference room, shop, college,classroom, and every where inside.

  • RST bulb



We then saw the introduction and very rapid adoption of Fluorescent light tubes. LED (or Solid State Lightning) technologies are the next Eco-Friendly and sustainable "revolution" in lighting. Perfect for home, office, shop, multiplex, supermarket and everywhere inside.

  • RST Dual Spot Light


RST LED Dual Spot Light

With multiple light sources that can be directionally adjusted to target beams of different angles, these lights are most suitable for showcasing jewellery or other display products that require multiple highlights. Their light weight makes them easy to mount and maintain.Perfect for Offices, showrooms, malls, jewellery shops & Operating room etc.

  • RST Lantern


RST LED Lantern Lights

Lantern is a portable lighting device or mounted fixture used to illuminate areas. Lanterns may also be used for signaling, as torches, or as general light sources outdoors. Low light level varieties are used for decoration. The term "lantern" is also used more generically to mean a light source, or the enclosure for a light source.

  • RST Emergency Light


RST LED Emergency Light

An emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that switches on automatically when a building experiences a power emergency light is designed to come on when the power goes out. Every model, therefore, requires some sort of a battery or generator system that could provide electricity to the lights during a blackout.